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Each year, beginning in November, we look for people that might be interested in sponsoring a local South Jersey child for Christmas.  These children are labeled "Homeless" by the State of New Jersey.

They are living in homeless shelters or are in temporary foster care because they have been taken from their parents, often due to abuse or neglect.  These children desperately need to know that there is someone out there that loves them.

Won't you please join us this year in purchasing gifts for a child?

If you volunteer to be a sponsor, you will receive the child's first name, gender, age and DYFS caseworker.  You will be given a letter explaining what to do and a list of possible gift suggestions for your child that are age appropriate.

You purchase whatever you want; there is no set dollar amount that you have to spend.   Just do what God leads you to do.

If you are interested and would like to sponsor a child or several children, please contact Carla Pitman at

Names will be available at the 10am worship service beginning November.

Thank You.

A Few Suggestions:
1.  Please do not forget to include a Bible or storybook that tells about Jesus.
2.  Buy several smaller, less expensive gifts rather than just one large gift.
3.  Try to avoid gifts that need batteries.  If you do purchase something that requires batteries, be sure to send extra batteries along.
4.  Make gifts portable in size.  These kids move around a lot.
5.  A list of suggested toys/gifts are available.  They are ONLY suggestions compiled to assist you with purchasing toys that are age

6.  If clothing size was given for the child, you will see it listed on the following page.  You are under NO Obligation to supply clothes for this

this child.  This too, is only a suggestion.
7.  Due to allergy and dietary restrictions,  DO NOT INCLUDE ANY FOOD, CANDY OR GUM.

What do I do once I have purchased my gists?
1.  Wrap the gists in Christmas paper.
2.  Put them in a large, HEAVY-DUTY PLASTIC TRASH BAG.  The pretty decorated plastic & foil bags rip easily.
3.  Securely tie the topof the bag closedso gifts don't fall out.
4.  Attach the ADHESIVE BACKED COVER WITH CHILD'S NAME card to the trash bag in a prominent spot.
5.  Bring your gifts to the Elmer United Methodist Church on or before the due date.