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Be the Message


     On March 1st the Sunday message series
will begin. We will “Become the Message.”

     The Easter story tells us of Christ’s Resurrection.
“One of the greatest proofs of the Resurrection is a life
that has been transformed by the love of Christ. Be the
will take you on a life-altering adventure of
being the “voice, hands, feet, and heart of our Lord to a
lost and hurting world” - Lee Strobel. Too often critics
of Christianity call Christians hypocrites. We will learn
to connect what we say we believe with a life that is
consistent with our words.

     Won’t you join us on our Lenten journey and grow
together with one another?

   Opportunities to connect with small groups are
listed on the table in the back of the sanctuary. 
We encourage you to sign up for one.

  Small Groups

Ø  Sundays during the Sunday School hour in the Chapel led by Pat Hall

 Ø  Sundays at 6:30pm at the Bucolos led by John Bucolo

 Ø  Tuesdays at 1:00pm at the Suttons led by Pat Hall

 Ø  Wednesdays at 7:30pm at the Hangar led by John Bucolo

 Ø  Thursdays at 10:00am at the Schneiders led by
Patti Schneider and Carla Pitman (only a few spots left)

Ø  Thursdays at 6:30pm at Harriet Laury’s home led by Leah Bucolo

     Small Group Interactive Guides are available and provided
by the church. However if you would like to make a donation to
offset the cost, it would be greatly appreciated. 

     The book Be the Message by Kerry and Chris Shook is
available for purchase for $12. 
A Sign Up sheet to order your book is also located
on the table in the back of the sanctuary.


Annual Fundraising Day
Yard Sale Preview

6:30-8:30pm Friday, March 20th

Yard & Sub Sale
9am-12noon Saturday, March 21st

To order subs:  contact Donna Stemberger 358-2509
or  $6.50 each

Sub Sale to Benefit the Hangar Ministries


Donations of yard sale items may be brought to the church
and left in the Fellowship Hall any time after
Sunday, March 15th





See Ryan Schumacher for
Audio and Video media requests

Church Newsletters

are available in the back of
the sanctuary as well as
this web site.


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